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We all have boxes and envelopes filled with aging photos, letters, reels, tapes, and documents—all waiting to be collected and preserved, waiting for their story to be told. Thinking about taking all these items and bringing them together in a coherent, pleasing collection is intimidating. The scope of such a project is immense. But I think most everyone would agree that, when completed, the resulting work would be priceless.

JM Histories helps you organize and bring your photos and stories together to create a timeless masterpiece—a hard-bound book filled with your unique history, a collection of your photos, documents, and stories in one place. Read about other book ideas. Here are some examples from a completed history.

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In the process of creating a history, you preserve the story of your life or the lives of others. You help others discover their own roots—their place in history. And because the photos and other heirlooms are digitized, you ensure a lasting memory, extending the life of aged photos and documents, along with stories that might otherwise be lost.

After organizing and digitizing your items, JM Histories publishes a hard-bound, bookstore-quality book that tells your story beautifully. The following samples show a custom family tree graphic that incorporates a world map and timeline overlay.

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JM Histories designs and publishes beautiful books. Yours is next.

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If you have questions about compiling and creating your history, or would like JM Histories to help you start yours today, call or send an email:

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Here are some history-related links you might find helpful in researching your own history. Enjoy.

Military servicemen in your family? The Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships (DANFS) lists the battle histories of ships from American wars. If you know what ship your serviceman was on, you can find out where he or she was during a war. Also, look at the Navy's online photo library for pictures of these ships.

• If you need a high quality digital map of the world (or of the United States), go to Some of these maps are large and detailed, and you'll need a fairly nimble computer to work with them, but they are beautiful, not to mention free to use (see the Terms of Use).

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