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There is something mesmerizing about books: Here lies knowledge, or beauty, or deep memory—or all three at once. At the turn of the millennium, I became interested in making books that otherwise would never come to life—mainly family histories and stories of ancestors. And until the last few years, this book-making process was challenging, not to mention expensive.

But new technologies allow hard-back books to be printed and bound for feasible prices at bookstore quality. This advance is changing how we look at books. And more than anything, it will help all of us preserve stories and memories, photos and histories that might otherwise be lost to time.

So now I am trying to help others do something that has been so enjoyable to me. Along the way, I've acquired professional skills and developed them in corporate and educational environments. These skills I offer to you and others.

Some of my qualifications My BA is in English from BYU in Provo, and I've spent about 5 years doing technical writing and copywriting, as well as professional editing. Along the way I've gained professional experience in graphic and web design and the applications that allow me to work with photos, book design, and layout. Visit Streamside Illustration to see some of my illustration work.

The business knowledge for this venture is backed by an MBA from ISU in Pocatello. This degree, more than anything, has helped me understand how all these whirring businesses work. This degree in business has allowed me to work in marketing and PR at companies and on my own.

So there, not so briefly, is my reasoning behind all this. I wish you all the best as you dig and sift through time, unearthing and then telling your own brilliant history.

Jared Miller



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