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When compiling a history, I've had to draw from the following areas of expertise, all of which JM Histories provides professionally. You'll find that some of these services are available through other companies, but rarely will you find all provided in one place:

Photo Scanning/Restoration: To be included in a book, your photos (including letters, documents, certificates, slides, negatives, etc.) need to be digitized, and some that are damaged need to be digitally enhanced or repaired: Faded photos' colors can be restored, and ripped or scratched pictures can be repaired. And when the book is completed, you'll receive CDs or DVDs with the digitized versions of your photos.

Transcription/Interviews: Your history will be much more engaging if it includes stories—your own or those told by others. I take your videotapes or audio tapes of others telling stories, along with letters and documents, and turn them into text for your book. Or if you want me to interview you or someone else, I can do this and then transcribe the recorded conversation.

Writing/Editing: You might already have a collection of stories but just need someone to look over it to ensure it is ready for publishing. JM Histories can help.

Research: Sometimes you might just need a little more information about a person, place, or event. I can help in your search.

Design/Layout: When the raw materials for your book are ready, the final book will need to look beautiful. From typefaces to photo placement, JM Histories will make sure your history is stunning. And if you want additional graphics (family trees, maps, etc), I can create those too.


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