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Although I work primarily with individuals creating personal histories—mostly of ancestors—there are many other situations where a history book is a good idea.

Yearbook This could be a year book that brings together all the best photos of the year, or it might be a yearbook for a school class or grade. A history like this is ongoing, being added to each year. And each year a new book is added to the collection. Look over the design from a few pages of a published family yearbook.

Personal Memoir This might be more writing than anything, with fewer pictures (if any). This is similar to an autobiography, but less chronological—more of your extended thoughts on a particular subject; for example, Donald Hall's excellent Life Work, which deals primarily with his thoughts on work. Look at a sample chapter from a published memoir. Also, read the article Writing a Memoir for some things to keep in mind when writing a memoir or a history.

Community Histories Small towns and communties often have colorful pasts, with memorable individuals and photos. Bringing all these together with stories lights up the past.

Company History Companies have stories as unique as the individuals that make them up. A history helps solidify the overall company vision and direction and creates unity for those who have worked for decades and for those who are just coming on board.

Wedding Album Why not take the notes and photos from your wedding and create a lasting collection of both images and accompanying stories?

Travel Memoir Many people live for an extended (or brief) time in other countries. The experiences are life changing. A record of the events, individuals, and best memories makes a perfect, enduring history.

The following image is a page from a history I have designed and published. My book designs are professional quality, on par with those in the best-designed books on bookstore shelves. View a full PDF sample of a completed personal memoir and family yearbook design.

Sample ancestor page from a published history.



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